Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea

When I was a kid, my dad & I would hitch the boat up to the old Chevy truck, take the half mile trip down to the Tennessee River and putt around. We’d catch a fish or two, maybe have a sandwich, maybe a Dr. Pepper. The old Mercury might konk out or it might run just fine. Anybody’s guess. Didn’t really matter.

I remember thinking our green boat with the sparkly finish was the coolest thing and I liked the funny rainbows the engine made in the water. I never remember seeing anybody else out there, just us. Maybe it was full of other boats and rowdy knuckleheads but i just liked being with my dad. And I liked being lost at sea.

A lifetime later, I went fishing again, this time in southern Nicaragua. I was on a boat with this wonderful girl named Jessica, who I’d only known for a little while. Like when I was a boy, maybe there were other people there, but they kind of fade from my memory. Maybe we’d have a sandwich, maybe a Dr. Pepper. Maybe the engine worked fine or maybe it would konk out. Didn’t really matter.

We caught wonderful Pez Gallo a mile off of Hermosa Beach against huge crashing surf and came back through a sunset as beautiful as I’ve seen. The moment was over, the lovely girl gone with it. But it happened. I just liked being there with her.


And I liked being lost at sea.